Love with Food – Gluten Free Box


Several years back I started noticing that I wasn’t feeling that great. I was tired, had massive brain fog, and just felt awful. I was also having stomach issues like crazy and didn’t know what was causing it. One of the things I cut out of my diet back then was gluten. And I’m so glad I did. It has since been determined that I have a pretty bad intolerance to gluten. I know some people out there don’t believe that is possible, but they’ve clearly never been in my shoes. When I cut gluten out of my diet, it was SO hard to find things that I could safely eat. For a while, I wasn’t nearly as diligent as I am now about making sure there is no cross contamination and making sure it comes certified. One thing that has made my life easier was discovering this monthly box from Love with Food.



Office Gold


When I started my new job a few years ago I was SO excited to decorate my desk. Fortunately I have a pretty fun work environment and am able to incorporate all of the cute touches I love so much. Most people who know me know I love all things gold and sparkly. And that is the exact theme I went with for my desk. I searched all over the internet for gold office supplies – and had to make sure it wouldn’t break the bank. I thought I’d collect everything here and share all of my “finds!” I’m always on the hunt though, so feel free to send more options my way.


Gluten Free Dairy Free Disney World


We just got back from an AMAZING three days in Disney. I was worried though because I usually have enough problems eating at a regular restaurant, but was super scared that I wouldn’t be able to eat in the parks. Boy was I wrong. I did a ton of research before we left and wound up making plans to traverse the different parks and resorts in search of different foods that I wanted to try.


Gift Guide for Her: Valentine’s Day Edition


Valentine’s Day is so hard. I feel like when you’re single, it can be super depressing unless you make the most of it and celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls. When you’re in a relationship it barely registers as a holiday. My boyfriend and I recently were like “oh yeah, its almost Valentine’s Day.” Strange “holiday.” We’ll be celebrating a combination of our anniversary and VDay this year on a mini vacation, so we won’t be exchanging gifts. But I wanted to put together some cute ideas that you might be able to show to your guy if he is looking for something cute to pick up. Or, something to buy for yourself, just because.


How to Succeed on Poshmark


I absolutely love shopping for new clothes. I’m guilty of making a few too many purchases online and then being overwhelmed when my mailbox is overflowing when I get home from work. But I love getting to try new things and experimenting with different styles. Unfortunately though I have a very, very small closet. I’ve written about this before – the one very effective way I can feed my passion and have room to keep my clothes is by using the Poshmark app. This is a service that lets you sell your used or new clothes, makeup and accessories, as well as kids and mens clothes.


Packing for Disney


In February my boyfriend and I have a big trip planned – our first trip together to DISNEY! I am SO incredibly excited, because I wanted to go last year, but the timing didn’t work out and I very much need a warm weather get away. I’ve spent much of the past few months prepping for the trip – researching restaurants (I have dietary restrictions), selecting our fast passes/creating our itinerary, and, of course, finding all the right outfits.


Back to Basics

I started this blog two years ago because I adore all things fashion and beauty. At the time I hadn’t realized exactly WHY I love these things. Reflecting back now, I’ve come to see that makeup isn’t just something fun. Being able to try out new palettes or products and then review or offer advice on how to best use them has become an outlet. In the time that I lapsed from blogging I found myself doing just this with my friends. Talking about what just ┬áhit the market, what I purchased at the Sephora sale and what I need to return because it just doesn’t work for me. Sharing my love of all things beauty is why I wanted to start a blog.

Similarly, fashion plays an equally large part in my life. Growing up I was told that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and that all you need is a little effort and you can look put together. I’m always on the hunt for affordable fashion, good sales and testing out the latest trends. Trying out fashion services and subscription boxes is so much fun, and has introduced me to brands I had never heard of. Fashion and beauty are outlets for me, and if I can share what I’ve learned along the way, then I feel like that makes all my trial and error worth it.

So, while I can’t promise I’ll be perfect right off the bat, I want to get back to sharing this journey. I’ve stopped and started numerous times, but I’m optimistic that there are people out there who will want to hear what I have to say and to share. Stay tuned, because I’m hopefully just getting started (again!).




Hungryroot Review- Gluten Free

One of my resolutions was to eat healthier for the New Year. I wanted to get a jump start on that by stocking our fridge with all the right things.

For months now I’d heard of the brand Hungryroot, and was interested to try their products. I absolutely love that their products are all gluten free!! And one thing I enjoyed more than that, is reading the “about me” section on their website. I really admire the chef that founded the company, especially because I have so many challenges with food myself.

I finally decided to give it a go, and ordered about 5 different products. We decided to try out two of them – the sweet potato mac with creamy cashew cheese, and the almond chickpea cookie dough (healthy snack foods count for something, right?!).

FullSizeRender 97.jpg

The sweet potato mac with cashew cheese was interesting. I liked it, and would definitely try it again. But the consistency of the cheese will take me some time to get used to. Nick loved it though! We both thought it was quite filling.

FullSizeRender 94.jpg


The cookies however, were fantastic. Because there is no dairy, eating the “raw” dough is totally ok. And delicious. But when I baked them, they were even better. Again, the consistency was weird at first, but they smell and taste like “regular” cookies, so it wasn’t a far leap.

FullSizeRender 95.jpg

FullSizeRender 98.jpg


We still have the black bean brownie batter, sweet potato noodles, and beet noodles to go – and I’m SO excited!

* I paid for all of this food with my own money – and loved it so much I wanted to give it a review!*

NEW YEAR- 2017 Resolutions

The holidays were insane this year. Christmas was fantastic! I loved getting to spend time with family and friends, and really unplug for a week. On New Year’s Eve my boyfriend and I went to a wine and painting night and had a great dinner. New Year’s is our anniversary, and even though I had a cold and wasn’t feeling well, we still made the best of it!

I couldn’t be happier to be in a new year. Like everyone does every year, I’ve made a few resolutions:

-Be more health conscious. I’m working on eating better, and pushing myself to get back to the gym. I have some exciting things coming up this summer, and I want to be in better shape!

-Be more organized. I’ve been ordering pieces off Amazon to clean up our cabinets and closets – I want to declutter my life and make things easier.

-Take more risks. I’ve always been pretty cautious with the way I run my life, but I want to branch out and and take chances in all facets of my life.

What are your goals for the New Year?