The Rocker Tee


Although I love hunting for work wear, one of the most fun things I find is looking for clothes to wear in my free time. As a Jersey girl I’ve always been drawn to all things sparkly and leopard print. While scrolling through Instagram I came across some sparkly rocker tees and I fell in love.


They are so easy to throw on with jeans and a leather jacket and run out the door. I picked up this Waylon Jennings one as my first piece and I was hooked. I purchased two from an amazingly talented woman on Etsy. This and the Alan Jackson one were purchased from her shop. She has impeccable handiwork and uses Swarovski crystals for her detailing. But I knew I wanted to try and DIY this for myself. So I went to the store, picked up a box of crystal stones and some E6000 and went to town.


The difference though is that because I didn’t know how good I’d be at this and the fact that the Swarovski heat gun is on the expensive side, I didn’t splurge for that right away. I’m now thinking I might be picking it up in the near future. But I’m able to buy these shirts inexpensively on Poshmark or Ebay and then add the sparkle. As someone who loves to craft, I’m up for anything tedious.


I’m going to see a bunch of concerts this year, so I made it my project to pick up shirts for each concert. I also pick up cheap tour shirts from performers I love – like this Carrie Underwood one. My collection is growing pretty rapidly.


We’re going to see Bon Jovi soon, so this is a work in progress. I love having a personal touch in my wardrobe and being able to still be creative. If I pick up the Swarovski gun I’ll show the difference between the DIY approaches.

If anyone has any questions about how I do this – let me know!



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