Author: Gabrielle

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, the blogger behind “GabGoesGlam.” I may be new to the blogging community, but I’ve had an obsession with all things beauty related since I was young. During the week I work in fundraising, and devote my free time to reading blogs and watching tons of YouTube videos. Over the past two years I’ve become interested in fitness and recently started taking kickboxing classes and exploring yoga. I hope to document my love of beauty products and merge that with new and personal discoveries in other aspects of my life as well. I’m on a journey to make 2018 the best year yet, and want to highlight the process.



There are two times of the year that I look forward to the most – the twice yearly Sephora sale! I always seem to forget that because the sale is in April, this is the reason that I manage to run out of everything around this time. I feel like everything I use daily is running out like crazy – I’m ready to receive everything I picked up online this past Friday.



Love with Food – Gluten Free Box


Several years back I started noticing that I wasn’t feeling that great. I was tired, had massive brain fog, and just felt awful. I was also having stomach issues like crazy and didn’t know what was causing it. One of the things I cut out of my diet back then was gluten. And I’m so glad I did. It has since been determined that I have a pretty bad intolerance to gluten. I know some people out there don’t believe that is possible, but they’ve clearly never been in my shoes. When I cut gluten out of my diet, it was SO hard to find things that I could safely eat. For a while, I wasn’t nearly as diligent as I am now about making sure there is no cross contamination and making sure it comes certified. One thing that has made my life easier was discovering this monthly box from Love with Food.


The Rocker Tee


Although I love hunting for work wear, one of the most fun things I find is looking for clothes to wear in my free time. As a Jersey girl I’ve always been drawn to all things sparkly and leopard print. While scrolling through Instagram I came across some sparkly rocker tees and I fell in love.


Warby Parker Home Try-On


A few weeks back I wrote a post about how I found my favorite pair of glasses. And I still love my Chanel frames, I wanted to check out the Warby Parker Home Try-On program. I recently got my eyes examined and wanted to see if there is a pair from WB that I would like. A few years back I was in love with the ones I picked up from there – so I figure it is about time I give it a shot again.


Office Gold


When I started my new job a few years ago I was SO excited to decorate my desk. Fortunately I have a pretty fun work environment and am able to incorporate all of the cute touches I love so much. Most people who know me know I love all things gold and sparkly. And that is the exact theme I went with for my desk. I searched all over the internet for gold office supplies – and had to make sure it wouldn’t break the bank. I thought I’d collect everything here and share all of my “finds!” I’m always on the hunt though, so feel free to send more options my way.


February Favs


February was such a fun month! Early in the month we went to Disney and truly lived our best life for the entire trip. It really was a nice break from our daily responsibilities and work lives. When we came home we set more fun plans for the coming months and worked hard on some upcoming projects. I gathered up some of the things I was loving all month long.


Becca Palettes – I’m Obsessed


One of the biggest things I take pride in is my ability to do great makeup. I spend hours playing around, trying different things and incorporating subtle differences in my daily routine. Being able to incorporate different colors and makeup formulas is always so fun for me. Last year I dipped my toe in the BECCA palette world when I picked up the BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette and I fell madly in love with it. I love doing a good bronze glowy look, and this palette gives you all that and more.


ISH Lip Statement Palette Review


Recently I was checking out some videos by one of my favorite YouTubers – Alex Garza – and she mentioned that she did a collab with FabFitFun’s in house makeup line, ISH. For those that don’t know, ISH stands for I’m Smoking Hot. I thought the name was super clever. But Alex went on to talk about a product she worked on, the Lip Statement Palette. It is a palette full of lipsticks that can easily be blended together. I own nothing like this, so I decided to track it down and pick it up.


thredUp Review


I don’t know about you, but I love shopping for clothes online. I am always looking for new sites to try because I like to have an eclectic wardrobe. The hard part is though that if I’ve never shopped a certain site, I don’t know how things run or if it is legit or not. I’m pretty brave though with these things, and make sure to study return policies or reviews of the company beforehand. Recently I had bee hearing a lot about thredUp, a company that claims to be the easiest way to shop and buy high-quality second-hand clothes. While I can’t speak for the sales part (I’m selling my clothes on Poshmark at the moment) I can give you an honest review as a buyer. For the record, all of these opinions are my own, and I’m not working with the company on this review.