Packing for Disney


In February my boyfriend and I have a big trip planned – our first trip together to DISNEY! I am SO incredibly excited, because I wanted to go last year, but the timing didn’t work out and I very much need a warm weather get away. I’ve spent much of the past few months prepping for the trip – researching restaurants (I have dietary restrictions), selecting our fast passes/creating our itinerary, and, of course, finding all the right outfits.

I know it might be nerdy, but I love wearing matching outfits with my boyfriend. Since one of my favorite (recent) Disney movies is Moana and I already have a Pua shirt, I picked up a Maui shirt for him. He is a big Star Wars fan, so I picked up some shirts for him with his favorite characters, and I picked up ones with some of my favorite Disney characters. They don’t match exactly, but they’re fun and thats what its all about. The #SNACKGOALS shirt can be found HERE from Etsy!


While I love the silly t-shirts, I also like to have a bit of my style infused in everything I wear. When I saw this sequin jacket online at Forever 21, I knew I needed it in my wardrobe. Its a dupe for a Free People one, but I’m OK with paying a little less for this one. I LOVE it and can’t wait to style it on the trip.

IMG_3221 (1)

I also realized that I won’t really be able to bring a bag with me on rides, I thought I’d pick up a fanny pack to hold all my stuff. I already use one at work for events, but its pretty small, so I grabbed this one on Poshmark – apparently its a vintage Nordstrom piece. I also knew I couldn’t haul around my giant wallet, so I found this Liberty of London Neon Card Holder and knew it would be perfect. It fits well inside the fanny pack – and inside are some incredible neons. I also knew I needed to pick up some new shorts, in case it is warm enough to break them out. After researching all over the internet I saw that BLANKNYC was making stretchy shorts that were supposed to be super comfortable. I found a few pairs on incredible sale – and I literally can’t wait to wear them because they are the softest things ever. I picked them up from Amazon for $25!


I also wanted to grab a new bathing suit because, well, it was too cute to pass up in Target. I usually buy one from Target every year because its cheap and cute. This one caught my eye, and I love how it fits. (click HERE for top; HERE for bottom) Even if I don’t use it next month, it will be on rotation in the summer.

I can’t wait to do a post about the other items I’m packing/styling – part two will be coming after the trip!



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