How to Succeed on Poshmark


I absolutely love shopping for new clothes. I’m guilty of making a few too many purchases online and then being overwhelmed when my mailbox is overflowing when I get home from work. But I love getting to try new things and experimenting with different styles. Unfortunately though I have a very, very small closet. I’ve written about this before – the one very effective way I can feed my passion and have room to keep my clothes is by using the Poshmark app. This is a service that lets you sell your used or new clothes, makeup and accessories, as well as kids and mens clothes.

No, this post isn’t sponsored. I wish it was though! I literally use the app constantly, and have been quite successful at making money. Now, I’m not making a second living on there, but I am doing well enough that it is a side stream for bills and things. I tried going to thrift stores and picking up pieces I thought would sell, but I either didn’t pick right or thought too highly of the pieces because they’ve been in my “closet” online for a while. I recommend selling items you already have because you know better than anyone if there are any flaws or if there is anything people should know about the item.


You need to be sharing your items CONSTANTLY – like multiple times a day. And you can’t be discouraged if the item doesn’t sell for a while. You just need to list as much as you can, and the items will sell if you engage with the community. Don’t be afraid to follow as many people as you can, and share other people’s items too. I missed this part before, and now that I’m getting more involved and sharing other people’s listings, I’m seeing a big increase in traffic in my own closet.

What sells best? Designer anything. Purses, gloves, scarves, clothing – anything with a high profile brand is coveted. People will try to make an offer and low ball you on the price. But make a personal threshold and hold to it. I price to sell, and don’t always hold out for the true value of an item. Sometimes that is hard, and painful…. but I find it so worth it when I see the money deposited in my account.


If you have items just laying around your house and don’t use them, turn them into money! It is so worth it, but it is time consuming. I’ve used a number of other services and this is by far the best one I’ve found. The buyer pays shipping and Posh sends you the label to use. You don’t need to do anything other than pack and ship. It is that easy. I love this service, and see a number of celebs hopping on board as well. Now that I’ve become successful, I’m the first one to advocate for it. If you have any questions about it- let me know!


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