Warby Parker Home Try-On


A few weeks back I wrote a post about how I found my favorite pair of glasses. And I still love my Chanel frames, I wanted to check out the Warby Parker Home Try-On program. I recently got my eyes examined and wanted to see if there is a pair from WB that I would like. A few years back I was in love with the ones I picked up from there – so I figure it is about time I give it a shot again.

So I went on the site and picked out five different pair that I could try on at home. They arrive without a prescription in them, and it gives you the ability to see if you like the frames before you take the plunge and make the purchase.


The first pair I tried on was the Casey style in the color Melon. These are a square plastic frame, and the color is a peachy color. Unfortunately these were my least favorite of the five that I picked out. They wash me out and the frames were just a little too small for my face.

IMG_5758Next in the box were the Louise Metal style in the gold color. These are a metal frame with a cat eye shape. I can’t lie – these are one of my favorite pairs. I’m super blonde and I feel as though they work with my face, but I do find the over exaggerated shape a bit much for me. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be ordering these either.

IMG_0481Next is the Chamberlin style in the crystal color. I always watch FlywithStella on YouTube and she has definitely inspired my interest in the clear frame. I’m not sure these are the exact ones she has (hers are super cute) but I don’t think these will work for me. They are a little dull, and I usually prefer a bigger frame on my face.

IMG_7822The fourth pair in the box was the Bell style in the Lychee Crystal. This is a round shape with a pink tint to the clear plastic frame. I actually really like these, especially the color, but I think they blend in too much with my face. And I’m not usually into a round frame, so I’m shocked I actually liked these!

IMG_1968 2And number five is the Lowry style in the tortoise matte eclipse color. I LOVE THESE. At first I was afraid that they were too big, because lets face it, they’re huge. But then my mom reminded me that Oprah has similar ones and rocks them fearlessly. And who doesn’t want to be like Oprah? These are thicker and different than anything else I’ve ever had and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be coming back to me with my prescription in them.

Have any of you given the WP Try On a shot? Or do you love WP and a favorite style? Let me know!!



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