Office Gold


When I started my new job a few years ago I was SO excited to decorate my desk. Fortunately I have a pretty fun work environment and am able to incorporate all of the cute touches I love so much. Most people who know me know I love all things gold and sparkly. And that is the exact theme I went with for my desk. I searched all over the internet for gold office supplies – and had to make sure it wouldn’t break the bank. I thought I’d collect everything here and share all of my “finds!” I’m always on the hunt though, so feel free to send more options my way.

One of the best discoveries I’ve made is the Nate Berkus line at Target. Ever since he was on the Oprah show I’ve been a fan of his, and when his gold line arrived at Target a few years back, I became obsessed. My very first purchase was this Swingline Stapler. Now, I know most offices come equipped with them, but this makes sure I never lose my supplies! The gold scissors from his line are absolutely incredible – they are true shears – and cut beautifully. This is another item that is easy to track down when it goes missing because everyone knows where they came from! (If those are sold out, try these)


Also at Target is this too cute French Bull Dog Tape Dispenser. The only true downside is that the tape comes out of the back end, but the overall design is fun. Most people ask me if I have a pig on my desk because the backside is always facing me for easy use….

Since I was getting new business cards, I just had to find a gold business card holder, right? I came across this one on Etsy and I snagged it right away. It sits on my desk at work and it is perfect.


I go fancy even with the pens I use. One of my favorite bloggers was using the Crystalline Stardust Ballpoint Pen from Swarovski, and yup, I grabbed one too. I know – I have a problem. But its so adorable and works so well. Kate Spade also has a set of gold pens and I picked those up to sit in the pen cup on my desk. They work fine, but aren’t my daily go-to.

The last things that I picked up were desk organizers from Pier 1. Sadly they are sold out, but World Market carries many options that are similar! I believe that if you have a creative work space, it allows you to be creative in what you do. I’m working on setting up my personal office to be equally as creative, and I hope to share that here as well!




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