Love with Food – Gluten Free Box


Several years back I started noticing that I wasn’t feeling that great. I was tired, had massive brain fog, and just felt awful. I was also having stomach issues like crazy and didn’t know what was causing it. One of the things I cut out of my diet back then was gluten. And I’m so glad I did. It has since been determined that I have a pretty bad intolerance to gluten. I know some people out there don’t believe that is possible, but they’ve clearly never been in my shoes. When I cut gluten out of my diet, it was SO hard to find things that I could safely eat. For a while, I wasn’t nearly as diligent as I am now about making sure there is no cross contamination and making sure it comes certified. One thing that has made my life easier was discovering this monthly box from Love with Food.


I genuinely look forward to the box coming each month. And I get to look through the snacks – some I’ve tried on my own, others I discover – but it makes it easier to bring snacks to work and live on the go. I have a day job that keeps me on the road a lot. Eating gluten free (and in my case, dairy free) on the fly can be hard. I either eat something super basic or nothing at all if I don’t know if I can trust the restaurant. But having snacks to keep in the car with me is the best thing I’ve discovered.


These snacks are from this month’s (March 2018) box. Of everything I received in the box, the one thing that I’m absolutely obsessed with is the Nutter Puffs from Popchips. The plain version is both dairy and gluten free – for someone who loves peanut butter this is the best thing ever. Every month when this box arrives my boyfriend even gets excited because he gets the snacks that I’m not that into. Its win-win!


The other great thing about this company is that they give back. With the purchase of this box 2 meals are donated to those in need. Who doesn’t love that?

Do any of you eat Gluten Free? What are you loving?



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