Author: Gabrielle

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, the blogger behind “GabGoesGlam.” I may be new to the blogging community, but I’ve had an obsession with all things beauty related since I was young. During the week I work in fundraising, and devote my free time to reading blogs and watching tons of YouTube videos. Over the past two years I’ve become interested in fitness and recently started taking kickboxing classes and exploring yoga. I hope to document my love of beauty products and merge that with new and personal discoveries in other aspects of my life as well. I’m on a journey to make 2018 the best year yet, and want to highlight the process.

Updated Hungryroot Review Pt. 1


A while back I posted a review on our food delivery service, Hungryroot. Since I posted last, the company halted all deliveries for several months to reboot their procedures, so we only just re-subscribed. While we’ve had a few snags lately, overall my boyfriend and I absolutely LOVE and have come to depend on this service.



Hair Care Routine – Winter 2018


Growing up one of the things I struggled the most with was my hair. I have very dry, coarse hair that is INCREDIBLY curly. I never really learned, nor cared to learn how to work with the curl. I just wanted it straight. When I was heading into college straighteners were just becoming popular and more technologically advanced. It took me forever to learn how to straighten my hair myself. I just kept wishing I could have a blow out at home.


Gluten Free Dairy Free Disney World


We just got back from an AMAZING three days in Disney. I was worried though because I usually have enough problems eating at a regular restaurant, but was super scared that I wouldn’t be able to eat in the parks. Boy was I wrong. I did a ton of research before we left and wound up making plans to traverse the different parks and resorts in search of different foods that I wanted to try.


CO2 Lift Mask Review


I love following influencers on social media. I am one of those incredibly impressionable millennials who purchases something based on the suggestion of something I see on Instagram. I don’t consider this to be a bad thing at all – this is one of my favorite things about social media (although I imagine my wallet would beg to differ…). Recently I saw a few people I follow brag about the CO2 Lift and I knew I had to try it.


Gift Guide for Her: Valentine’s Day Edition


Valentine’s Day is so hard. I feel like when you’re single, it can be super depressing unless you make the most of it and celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girls. When you’re in a relationship it barely registers as a holiday. My boyfriend and I recently were like “oh yeah, its almost Valentine’s Day.” Strange “holiday.” We’ll be celebrating a combination of our anniversary and VDay this year on a mini vacation, so we won’t be exchanging gifts. But I wanted to put together some cute ideas that you might be able to show to your guy if he is looking for something cute to pick up. Or, something to buy for yourself, just because.


How to Succeed on Poshmark


I absolutely love shopping for new clothes. I’m guilty of making a few too many purchases online and then being overwhelmed when my mailbox is overflowing when I get home from work. But I love getting to try new things and experimenting with different styles. Unfortunately though I have a very, very small closet. I’ve written about this before – the one very effective way I can feed my passion and have room to keep my clothes is by using the Poshmark app. This is a service that lets you sell your used or new clothes, makeup and accessories, as well as kids and mens clothes.


Tarte Shape Tape Matte Foundation Review


Like most people who follow Tarte, I got that exciting email that they were releasing the Shape Tape Foundation. Considering I absolutely love their concealer, I just knew I’d have to try their foundation. I ordered the foundation almost the minute it came out. It comes in two versions, matte and hydrating. I picked up the matte in light neutral.


Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Face Review


Recently I was sent a complimentary sample of Perrincone MD’s Cold Plasma+ Face moisturizer for testing purposes. I was SO excited because I’m a big fan of the brand, and I wanted to give this product a try. There are many claims listed in the literature, and I haven’t been using it long enough to say if I think they’re all true, however, I am a happy camper with what I’ve experienced so far.


Winter Skin Essentials


If you’re like me – your skin care needs change as many times as the seasons do. Recently, I tried a new product early on in the winter, and it completely burned my skin. I was red and scaly and it hurt really bad. I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t even wear makeup at that point. I was even prescribed a cream to help with the burn, but it didn’t help.


Packing for Disney


In February my boyfriend and I have a big trip planned – our first trip together to DISNEY! I am SO incredibly excited, because I wanted to go last year, but the timing didn’t work out and I very much need a warm weather get away. I’ve spent much of the past few months prepping for the trip – researching restaurants (I have dietary restrictions), selecting our fast passes/creating our itinerary, and, of course, finding all the right outfits.