Winter Skin Essentials


If you’re like me – your skin care needs change as many times as the seasons do. Recently, I tried a new product early on in the winter, and it completely burned my skin. I was red and scaly and it hurt really bad. I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t even wear makeup at that point. I was even prescribed a cream to help with the burn, but it didn’t help.

I turned to my arsenal of makeup/skin care products and discovered the Dr. Jart+ Water Drop moisturizer and it completely turned my skin around. Within days it was healing and no longer quite so red. I’m almost out of this one, and really sad about it. But I was just sent a complimentary pack of the Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ Face moisturizer through Influenster, so I’ll be trying and reviewing that next. Hoping I love that one as much as the Dr. Jart+!

Another product I’m obsessed with is the Clarisonic Radiance brush head and matching cleanser. This one is the AM Illuminating Cleanser and it the best, and most gentle one I have found – and this one works! I see a difference in my skin if I don’t use it, and if I switch to another product my skin isn’t as bright. The night cleanser is a little too strong for me, but I’ve used the AM one for a while now, and am very loyal to it! UPDATE: This has sadly been discontinued. Recommendations welcome!

I am definitely not a chapstick lover, but the Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter has me hooked. I tend to wake up with dry lips, so I keep this on my nightstand to apply before I go to bed. It isn’t thick, and is very hydrating. Plus, I love Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum cream, and this is a derivative of the cream, so naturally, I’m a fan.

While the Bum Bum cream is by far my favorite lotion, the MOROCCONOIL Body Souffle is the most hydrating one I have found, that still smells amazing. I’ve been hooked on their hair products for years, so when I discovered they make a body cream, I was all over it. It really helps hydrate my skin – especially my hands and feet which have been dry this winter. I highly recommend if your a MO fan, and they also have a rose version if you’re a fan of that scent.

I’ve been trying different makeup primers for years. I have had trouble finding one I really loved, until now. Charlotte’s Magic Cream is just that – magic. I use it as a base and my makeup glides on. Now, it is a bit pricey, but it out performs all of the other ones in my drawer. The formula is more of a cream then the other ones you would usually see in the store, and I definitely see that as a difference.

My favorite scent this winter has been Commodity GOLD. It is a warm vanilla, and it lasts beautifully on my skin. A warm scent in the winter is my absolute favorite. Never have I gone through a scent so quickly! I keep a backup in my drawer, and it is a good thing because this has been on repeat since early fall.




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