Hair Care Routine – Winter 2018


Growing up one of the things I struggled the most with was my hair. I have very dry, coarse hair that is INCREDIBLY curly. I never really learned, nor cared to learn how to work with the curl. I just wanted it straight. When I was heading into college straighteners were just becoming popular and more technologically advanced. It took me forever to learn how to straighten my hair myself. I just kept wishing I could have a blow out at home.

These days I splurge whenever it comes to hair care because I’m finally happy with my routine. My salon introduced me to all Kevin Murphy products and I fell in love with them. The smell of each product is delicious and I can’t wait each time to go back to the salon to repurchase my fav products. My favorite shampoo/conditioner is the Repair-Me Wash and Repair-Me Rinse. I get so many compliments on this scent. Also, because I have highlights I also use Kevin Murphy’s Angel Wash which is a purple shampoo and removes all of the brassiness.


Once I get out of the shower I use three products: Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry, Evo Day of Grace and Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine. I had used the B&B cream on and off for years, but they recently used it in my hair at the salon and I fell back in love with it. It really does help straighten my hair and makes it easier to blow dry.

When I was in Nashville I went and got a blow out so my hair would be set for the trip, and the Dry House introduced me to Evo products. This is another one that has an AMAZING scent. I just had to bring it home with me because I loved it so much. And the Shimmer Shine from Kevin Murphy is a sparkly shine spray that I use when my hair is both wet and dry. It makes my hair look and feel awesome and, per the theme here, smells amazing.


During one of last year’s VIB Rouge sales at Sephora I made a massive splurge…. I picked up the Dyson dryer. It is almost embarrassing to admit I spent that much money on a hair dryer, but no lie, it cuts my drying time in half. Before that I was using the Buttercup from Drybar and that is also a favorite. I still have it and use it from time to time. If I ever need a travel dryer I plan to pick up the mini version. BTW – I actually love all of the Drybar products and mix a few into the routine from time to time.

Another recent addition to my hair care routine is my T3 Bodywaver. The claim is that is gives you a blow out at home. This is actually true to its claim. It is basically a larger curling iron but it gives you VOLUME. If you’ve been looking for something to give you the blow out vibe that you can do yourself – without having to learn how to roll the brush and do it with the blow dryer. This is your product.

What products are in your hair care routine?



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