thredUp Review


I don’t know about you, but I love shopping for clothes online. I am always looking for new sites to try because I like to have an eclectic wardrobe. The hard part is though that if I’ve never shopped a certain site, I don’t know how things run or if it is legit or not. I’m pretty brave though with these things, and make sure to study return policies or reviews of the company beforehand. Recently I had bee hearing a lot about thredUp, a company that claims to be the easiest way to shop and buy high-quality second-hand clothes. While I can’t speak for the sales part (I’m selling my clothes on Poshmark at the moment) I can give you an honest review as a buyer. For the record, all of these opinions are my own, and I’m not working with the company on this review.

I’ve seen countless reviews of thredUp on Youtube describing the amazing deals Youtubers get when they shop the site. I decided it was too good to be true – that there had to be some flaw or catch to this. Not the case. I actually adore the things I picked up and I was shocked at the price.


One of the brands I immediately checked out was Lilly Pulitzer. I’m a huge fan, but love it even more when I can catch a deal. I found these heels that I had been lusting over forever. Originally they were listed by Lilly Pulitzer at $179, but I managed to snag them for less than $40. DEAL ALERT!


Another brand that I checked out was Zara. Although my local mall just recently got a Zara store, I had been many times when I traveled in Europe and also lived in New York City. I came across this blazer and just knew it would be the perfect addition to my work wardrobe. It was less than $30!!


I wanted to try at least three things from the site, so I looked up a brand I had been curious about – Haute Hippie. I know it is a favorite of the celebs, and was curious about the brand quality. I scored this tank top, which I think can be made work appropriate, for less than $50. Now, I typically would never pay that for a tank, but in this case it was so cute and I knew I had a discount code to bring down the price, so I gave in. This was the only brand that I thought was priced a little high. But again, I don’t own anything from them, so this might be on base.

Overall, with shipping, I spent $70. Crazy, right? It is a go-to place for me now if I am looking for something from a specific brand, or if I just want to see if I can score something new for a work event. If I decide to try out the sales feature, I’ll be sure to post an update! Have any of you tried this out?


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