February Favs


February was such a fun month! Early in the month we went to Disney and truly lived our best life for the entire trip. It really was a nice break from our daily responsibilities and work lives. When we came home we set more fun plans for the coming months and worked hard on some upcoming projects. I gathered up some of the things I was loving all month long.


I discovered two of my absolute favorite things while on our trip. The first was GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE Beignets. I know I can only get them in Florida, but any chance for me to eat things like everyone else – I have to brag about it!


We also found this adorable little shop in Disney Springs that carries fun home goods. When I came across this box of Chanchitos I knew I HAD to have one. Anything that says it brings good luck – I’ll always buy it. I want all the good luck I can have!


One of my friends gave me this book for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Every week I sit down and read the list designated for that time period. It really helps put things in perspective and sets a good headspace. I want to focus on being even more productive and creating a solid work schedule. Books like this are definitely inspiring!

One of my all time favorite candles is the capri Blue 06 Volcano scent. After perusing my local boutique I found that they make HAND CREAM! I couldn’t be more excited to carry this scent with me all the time. It isn’t really hydrating, but I’m obsessed with the smell!

I’ve posted before that I’m a huge fan of Audible. With my monthly credit I picked up Tiffany Haddish’s book The Last Black Unicorn. She is candid about EVERYTHING and it is so refreshing. I couldn’t stop listening and recommend it to those of you who love celebrity memoirs like I do.

I’ve already gone through some of the beauty products I was loving in February – otherwise they’d be in here too!



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