Style on a Budget


Over the past few years I have fallen in love with watching YouTube videos from my favorite influencers. I find it fascinating and it is fun to get a sneak peak into someone else’s day to day life. However, the more I watch these videos, the more I lust after the latest luxury bag or wardrobe piece. While I enjoy watching these videos, I know that my current budget won’t allow me to purchase these things. However, I’ve done research to figure out how I might still be able to get some items in the style of my favorite designers, with only a fraction of the price tag.


While I am blessed to own a few beautiful luxury brand brags/small leather goods, one of the brands I don’t own, but admire from afar is Chanel. I adore the quilted leather and the chain detail – the perfect bag for a night out! Well, I did some hunting and found that Rebecca Minkoff had made a very similar style, the “quilted affair bag” which I knew I had to have.


This is the perfect bag to bring to events, or to even carry with you day to day. It carries everything you see in the pictures – so it is pretty roomy. I wanted to write about this bag, because it best personifies my philosophy regarding luxury and style. I do hope one day to own a true Chanel bag and other designer staples. But for now, I’m happy purchasing pieces that I can afford, with a similar look to the luxe brands that still exemplify my style. I’m no longer buying just to buy, but instead picking up pieces that are versatile and that will last. This bag is holding up beautifully and looks good on my budget – I’ll take that as a win!


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