Sam Edelman “Felicia” Flats – AKA The Most Comfortable Work Flats EVER


Since I was in grad school I have been looking for a pair of flats that I can wear professionally that won’t kill my feet. As someone who has had a stress fracture and numerous other issues, heels can be killer for me. I have my fair share of beautiful heels in my closet, and I love them, but when I’m at work and I have to give a tour, or work an event, I never reach for them. If I do, I stash flats in my bag to change into midway through the day.


My hunt had not only been a major fail, but also majorly expensive. I tried every flat that someone recommended. One of the most popular pairs of flats on the internet is by Tieks. I wanted to love them, I really did. But not only were they incredibly expensive, they hurt pretty bad. I tried different sizes, and it didn’t matter, I wound up letting them go on Poshmark. I then moved on to the much hyped flats by Tory Burch. These are super soft, and not bad, but I can’t last all day in them. They still live in my closet and make the occasional appearance, largely because they are a beautiful merlot color.


It just so happens that I had to throw out my beloved leopard print flats (by Dr. Scholl’s but I don’t think they make them anymore) and I went on a hunt to find new ones. My stylist through Nordstrom’s Trunk Club (a style service with no fee if you have a Nordstrom Card- you just pay for what you buy) recommended the Sam Edelman “Felicia” Flat. I was in LOVE but not with the price tag. I couldn’t swing another $120 pair of shoes I didn’t know if I would be able to wear. But then in a twist of fate I saw another version of the shoe (the “Fritz” Flat as it is known at discount stores) at Nordstrom Rack, and it was much cheaper, so I pounced. I’ve never looked back. I scoured the internet looking for discounts on the Felicia/Fritz Flat and now probably own a few too many.


This might be gross, but I even picked up discontinued, pre-loved shoes from Poshmark and Ebay. I do clean them, and I don’t regret buying them used. I literally wear this shoe every day I possibly can, and even wear them outside of work too.


So what makes these so special? They are the softest, most well constructed shoe I’ve had. They conform to your feet and nothing rubs or causes a blister. The “Felicia” Flat is the shoe that Sam Edelman makes and sells on his site and also all over the internet. I’ve noticed there are two hallmarks of the shoe – the soft padded heel, and the bow on the top with the emblem dangle. If you search for the “Fritz” Flat, this has the same heel, just no bow. While the “Felicia” retails for $100 through the SE site you can google and often find them for $70 or cheaper, and the “Fritz” often ranges $70 or cheaper as well. And used retail for even less. I’ve paid as little as $15 for a pair, which I’m pretty proud of. I don’t believe investment pieces have to be full price. I certainly couldn’t afford the ones I wanted if that was the case.


Considering I walk a lot at my office, I need a comfortable pair of shoes. I’ve linked a few of my absolute favorites below. Give them a shot – I hope you enjoy them like I do!


PS – Always check Amazon, they, per usual, have amazing deals.



Click HERE to see the gold sparkly ones I’m lusting after!

Click HERE for snake skin!

I’ve got my eye on THESE nude ones!

Floral version is on sale HERE!

*These are NOT affiliate links, just ones that I found and have/love*


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