Finding the Perfect Glasses


I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in high school. I can remember being SO excited because I would get to pick out frames as my newest accessory. The very first pair I picked out were an awful cow print theme. I’ve had many, many pairs of glasses over the years, but I have finally found my favorite pair. In my last post I talked about picking up wardrobe goal pieces on a budget, and I do believe in doing that with your glasses as well. I have a pair from Warby Parker that I just adore. However, last year I needed a massive upgrade in my prescription, and so I made the choice to splurge on a pair of Chanel frames. I plan to have these for a long time, so I felt OK dropping some money.


It took me a while to find a Chanel eyeglass retailer in my area – I only have one local to me – and so I made the trek over there to see what they had. With the help of an awesome sales woman, I found the PERFECT pair. Now, I know this is a bold statement, but I’ve never had a pair of glasses that fit my face so perfectly. I’m going to try to locate the exact style, but I do know they are from the Pearl Collection.


They are a greenish/gray plastic frame, with mother of pearl inlays on the arms. While I love the details, I love the shape even more. Previously I would pick out frames that were almost always rectangular and very small. The problem with this? I have a very large head. It wasn’t a good fit, and I could barely see out of them. These are a slight almost cat eye and the lense is so big I can see everything. They also balance out my face, hitting at the widest point and drawing down diagonally. I’d like to think not only the style, but the color works for me.


Unfortunately I believe that when you go to the store to pick out frames, the store associates just tell you what you want to hear, instead of being straight with you. (Unless they look that bad). So I always felt victim to making a snap decision or not holding out for something better. Glasses are an everyday staple, and are often an expensive purchase. Take your time, and go to a shop where they make you feel comfortable. Switching between the mall eyeglass stores and a small shop made all the difference for me, and I even noticed a difference in the quality of my lenses.

Share your favorite glasses style brands! I’m always looking to learn about new ones. I’m going to do a post about my fav Warby Parker’s shortly!


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