It is hard to believe my last post was back in July. Since then my life has changed drastically in many unexpected ways.


In August my grandmother passed away – and it was, and is a devastating loss. She lived with my family for 21 years, and it was like I had a third parent. Not having her around is tough, and largely the reason I got away from blogging. I hadn’t experienced a loss of that magnitude, and nothing quite seems the same without her here. Celebrating my birthday in September just wasn’t the same, and I know the holidays will be hard. But I know she would want my family to keep moving on.

Beyond that I’ve been busy with work, out enjoying the fall weather and just keeping myself overall distracted. But the more I watch YouTube videos and read other people’s blogs, I was inspired to recraft my own. In the past I feel like I deviated from my original plan, which was to chronicle my life and things I am passionate about. I’m back to revisit that notion, and to give myself an outlet for some pent up creativity.


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