Beautiful Blogger Awards

Thanks so much for the nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Awards KAYLEIGH19902013 !


The Rules:
•State who nominated you
•Answer questions given
•Tell us 7 random facts
•Nominate 10 beauty or fashion bloggers
•Make up 10 questions for your nominees to answer
•Let the bloggers know you nominated them


1. What is your favourite skincare product?

I LOVE the Clarisonic. My old one actually just died and I had to get a new one!

2. Favourite YouTube Channel?

I absolutely adore Kristina over at PrettyShinySparkly!
3. Favourite Sweet?

I could eat vanilla tootsie rolls or salt water taffy all day long.
4. Dream Holiday Destination?

I would love the opportunity to go to Greece.
5. Your Hobby?

My boyfriend and I go wine tasting at least once a month!
6. Favourite piece of makeup?

Lately I’m loving my Clinique CC Cream
7. Give me a Beauty tip

I keep as many products as possible in a z-palette to save space
8. Favourite Movie?

Steel Magnolias!
9. Sweet or Savoury?

10. Dream dinner party guests?

Cher, Dolly Parton, The Rock, Aziz Ansari, Joe Maganiello and Reese Witherspoon

7 Random Facts:

  • I’m 25
  • Dog lover
  • I have 2 degrees in Art History
  • I lived in NYC for 2 years and worked there another year and a half
  • My favorite city beyond NYC is Nashville
  • Raised on country music
  • I’m currently obsessed with buying cute workout gear

My 10 Nominees:

Ten Questions for My Nominees:

1. What is your favorite mascara?

2. What YouTube channel do you watch the most?

3. Hobbies outside of blogging?

4. Most popular makeup brand in your collection?

5. How long have you been blogging?

6. What is your skin care routine?

7. What TV show do you like to binge watch?

8. Favorite type of food?

9. What color lipstick/gloss do you wear the most?

10. What advice can you give about blogging?

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!



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