So much has gone on this year, it is certainly one of change. A few months back my boyfriend and I made a really big purchase… we bought a condo. We looked only looked at two places, and fell in love with the first one. We hadn’t even been planning to buy anything for at least 6 more months, but we couldn’t pass this up.

Moving has been the slowest process for us. We had a long wait before closing and then decided to move in slowly because I wound up working almost every weekend in September. I’m still bringing things over from my parents house almost two and a half months later. But we did it! And we’re proud of our little space. I plan to do some posts on how I was able to find everything we needed at a very low cost and in great packages.

Does anyone have any tips for where to find great prints for the walls? We desperately need to decorate the walls, but I don’t want to pick just anything. I welcome all suggestions!



Room Tour- Southern Style

My parents live part time in South Carolina, and when they built their new house over a year ago they gave me the loft as my bedroom. Due to my work schedule I don’t get to go down there that often. Last summer I picked out furniture and the color scheme (gray and yellow). The skeleton came together over this past year, and on my recent vacation we went shopping to pick out some finishing touches.

The bed and dresser are from a local furniture store in SC, and I fell in love with the mirrored style right away. All of the pillows and the comforter are from Home Goods, as are both of the night stands.



The nightstand on the right I picked up first, and it had awful drawer pulls. I instead found some on sale at Anthropology, and the piece now matches the decor much better!



I still needed another night stand, and when I went back a year later I found many more mirrored options. This one was perfect:


Last year when I was shopping I also found this gray chair at Home Goods, along with the lamp and table pictured below. When I went back last week I found that ottoman in Target, and thought it would highlight the yellow on the bed.


The dresser us gorgeous and has large drawers for storing clothes. I found a lamp this trip that matches the lamp I picked up on my last trip. Home Goods also had fun mirrored boxes, and I picked up one for the dresser. The jewelry hanger I found at Target. (Sorry for the yellow quality of the picture!)


I found this gorgeous piece of art at the local Ross – it was apparently hand made in Indonesia, and I can’t wait to have it hung on the wall:


There was one wall that had me stumped. I thought to put a large mirror there, but considering everything else is so heavily mirrored, I instead opted for a desk. I found a white desk at World Market, and it wound up being their last in store. We got it heavily discounted (score!) and picked up one of their dining chairs that had a fun pattern for the room. Click on the words “desk” and “dining chair” for links! The elephant, lamp and flowers are of course, from Home Goods.



I hope you enjoyed my room tour and design thoughts!