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Hair Care Review: Aveda and Kardashian Products

Recently I was flipping through a magazine and saw that Aveda has a new product out called “Naturally Straight.” Over time it is designed to smooth out curls and reduce frizz. The ad in the magazine said that samples can be picked up at your local Aveda salon. I’m SO glad I went and picked one up – I love this product. It is a two component system – first you apply the smooth infusion – naturally straight cream while hair is wet. After you style you apply a few drops of the dry remedy daily moisturizing oil. Go pick up your free sample! Highly recommended!!


I also picked up a new flat iron recently. I went to Ulta and found that the Kardashian’s are now making a line of hair tools. I generally don’t like celebrity products like this, but this iron is produced by CHI, and my old iron (Babyliss) wasn’t ceramic and was ruining the ends of my hair. This iron gets SO hot, and is apparently infused with some kind of oil product promoted by the Kardashian line. Unlike the CHI there are various heat settings, and the more I use it, the less time I find it takes me to tame my hair. And you can use coupons on it at Ulta, making the $90 price tag more affordable. Another item I’m definitely recommending (and I’m so surprised I like it!)

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