I Bought A JEEP!


Back in the spring I went to the Philly and NYC Auto Show with my boyfriend, and fell in LOVE with the Jeep Renegade. I was not in the market for a car, but have always loved the Jeep brand, specifically the Wrangler. Perhaps it is all because of that country music I like? I grew up loving trucks as well, but after sitting in a bunch I decided they were all too big. The Jeep Renegade was perfect – exactly my size and had everything I wanted inside.


Since I got a new job in August, I decided I needed a car better for travel because I drive all over the state on a weekly basis. My Mazda was cute and fun, but wasn’t great for driving long distances. I began looking at the Renegade (Note: I test drove it 3-4 times before I actually bought it) and we began checking out other similar cars since the Renegade is so new. I drove some Mazdas, a Honda, a Toyota and even got fancy and drove a used Mercedes. None of the SUVS fit my needs like this one.


I know most people are turned off because it is boxy. Personally, I like the style and think it fits so well in the Jeep family. In addition to the tons of space inside, it has fun accents hidden throughout the car – little Jeep symbols! I like character, and this car has plenty of it! Plus it rides really well (not as hard as some of the other Jeeps) and makes me feel safe on the road. A fun fact: Jeep calls this car the “little sister” to the Wrangler!


The Renegade just launched this spring, so finding the one I wanted was SO hard. I wanted to make sure mine had a sun roof, and the design of the Renegade’s is so new that very few were arriving with one. Luckily, I searched all over online, and found one en route to my local dealer. #score


I was nervous to get rid of my small car, but am in LOVE with this one. Anyone else a proud Jeep owner?!


All photos courtesy of my boyfriend and his website Mindovermotor.com.




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