Summer Fun: Festival Style

Two weeks back a group of us went to the Big Barrel Country Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. The festival is the sister to Firefly, which also takes place in Dover Downs, just with more mainstream artists. I was so excited for Big Barrel, and it was my first festival experience. I had NO idea what to really bring, and should have prepared better beforehand. Firefly was the weekend before, and the storms were so bad they had to evacuate. We were SO nervous about how to cope if it rained. (And it certainly did!) So I wanted to put together a post about what I brought/wore, and what I should have had with me!

Day One: Blake Shelton

The night before we discovered that there would be a ton of mud because of how bad the storms were. We went out and bought rain boots/sneakers to help us get around. I bought some fun tank tops before the concert because I really wanted to be festive! Below is the one I wore to Blake Shelton, and I bought it on Etsy. The temperature dropped a bit, and we couldn’t even wear shorts. If I didn’t wear jeans, I would have been pretty cold that night. Also, I chose to bring a backpack to have a hands free night. This wound up being great, and made it very easy to tote along all that we needed.

* Make sure to bring camping chairs! Double check they are allowed at other concerts, but we loved having them because they didn’t sink in the mud.

Overall the first night was so fun! We took pictures, and began to sample all of the different food trucks. [BBQ was amazing…] and my non-country music loving boyfriend really got into the Blake Shelton concert! Major win.

The Etsy shop is InkLabPrinting, and the shirt was PERFECT! Big thanks!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.51.14 AM


My backpack is from Macy’s made by Steve Madden ( I got it on major sale and paid much less!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 11.56.14 AM

Day Two: Miranda Lambert

It POURED all day. I bought ponchos from Walmart before we left for Delaware, and made sure we had the thick kinds with hoods. And boy did we need them. We were staying near the outlets, and I stopped at the Bass outlet and picked up a pair of shoes for $30 which was the cheapest we could find. I got them so nasty with the mud, I wound up leaving them in the parking lot after the third night. A hat was also something crucial. It kept the rain out of my face, and allowed me to see in the storm. I bought a shirt from Etsy for this night, but wound up wearing a more comfy t-shirt because it was raining so hard. Below is what I originally bought. I purchased the hat from Marley Lilly!

The rain subsided for Miranda Lambert, and we were able to just relax and watch the concert. We were wiped that night!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.53.41 PM



Day Three: Carrie Underwood

This was by far, the most gorgeous day of them all. We got there very early, and everyone got to see their favorite performers. We went and bottle fed some goats and lambs, saw the Budweiser Clydesdales and then secured our spot for Carrie Underwood. We wound up getting bumped to VIPS and were only a few feet from the stage.

I bought a shirt in a boutique in NYC that I thought reminded me of Carrie Underwood’s style, and was so excited to wear it! If I can find a link, I’ll be sure to add it!





We had the BEST weekend, and can’t wait to go back next year! What are your concert must-haves?!


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