Month: January 2016



When 2016 rolled around I knew I wanted to make some big changes. I wanted to follow through on all of the things that I hadn’t in prior years. I want this to be MY year. So, I decided I’d make small changes. I wanted to finally (and properly) use my GLO teeth whitening system, and follow through on it. I made small diet changes to eliminate the massive amount of sugar I was eating. I finally cleaned out my makeup, and got proper storage. All small things, but the results do make an impact.

I was working out pretty consistently last year with my kick boxing classes, and I plan to maintain that. But I want to not only be able to work out consistently, but have the option to do so at home. I was recently diagnosed with Raynaud’s – a condition where hands and feet turn white/blue and go numb – and so going out at night to work out during the winter has resulted in several painful nights of numb feet. On the nights when its 20 degrees, I wanted an at home option.

So, I decided to try Insanity. Tonight will be night one, and I’m on a 60 day journey to get healthy. I’m terrified, but I hate feeling fluffy and out of shape. I purchased the Insanity Max: 30 version because I wanted to try the Tabata training. Has anyone else tried this version? Here’s to hoping I’ll fall in love with the program.


Ringing in 2016


I know I already posted goals for 2016, but I wanted to do a post about how I spent my NYE 2015. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary that day, so it wound up being extra special. We both took the week of New Year’s off from work, and decided to drive down to Myrtle Beach for the week.

It was a BLAST. I had been planning our trip for months, and made sure we hit every groupon/deal we possibly could. It definitely paid off. For NYE, we both wanted something chill. Brookgreen Gardens does a candle light event, complete with christmas lights and hot chocolate. You walk through it and enjoy the beauty of the night. They are only open from 6-9, but it was gorgeous! (pics below).



I also made reservations at a place called Croissants, which has an amazing chef and some of the best food I’ve ever had. And I was thrilled that it was food that I could actually eat with my gluten free diet! Many places name Croissants as the #1 place for g-free foods in Myrtle Beach. I didn’t realize before I made the reservations, but was thrilled when I later found that out. Check out their NYE menu!



I really wanted to wear something super sparkly and partyish, but the reality was that we were going to a garden and to dinner – not to a club. So I was happy to wear a fun slightly sequined dress I scored for $10 (!!) at Express with tights and black flats. The photos came out so dark though it really didn’t matter what I wore!


Regardless we wound up back at home before midnight and watched the ball drop while sitting on the couch with a glass of champagne ready for midnight to hit. We then watched a movie and I of course fell asleep. But it made it so special to be able to spend NYE together – just the two of us – and ring in the New Year together. Writing this now 7 days later it seems like it was forever ago, but I’m ready for 2016 to be the best, most amazing year ever.

New Year, New Outlook

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine..jpg

I was SO excited for 2016 to get here. While last year started off better than I could have ever imagined, it brought a series of rough patches that I never want to relive. I am thrilled to be kicking off the new year with a new mind set and a number of goals. Sharing them and making them public can have a positive effect, and I wanted to share mine for my own accountability.

  • Commit to living healthy. I have a number of health issues with my stomach, and I really want to start to heal myself from the inside out.
  • Get fit. Of course this is on everyone’s list, but I’m quite serious about not just losing weight, but building muscle and toning my body.
  • Find life balance. After I got a new job in 2015 my life balance went out the window. I became obsessed with doing well in my career, and many things fell by the wayside. Now that I’m settling in, its time to re-balance everything.
  • Build my blog. I really love blogging and coming up with fun ideas for posts. I can’t wait to get them all going!

What are your goals for 2016??

December 2015 Favorites


Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe it is already 2016. So much has happened and I can’t wait to get this new year going. Ringing in the new year brought a sense of excitement – to begin a new chapter and have a clean slate.

I wanted to do a recap of the things I loved in December, because it was a crazy busy month, but one where I felt I had a lot to love!

FullSizeRender 35.jpg

It isn’t pictured above, but I received a Keurig for Christmas and fell in love! I received the Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker in the champagne color. I’m hoping to save some money on coffee purchases this year, so bringing a fresh cup with me in the morning will help cut costs. Plus, it will help me jumpstart my day! Please send any recommendations for kcups!

In the winter I loveeee masculine scents. I couldn’t wait for winter to hit so I could break out my Nirvana Black rollerball. The perfume is by Elizabeth and James and has notes of sandalwood, violet, and vanilla (according to Sephora’s website). I wear only a little perfume every day, so I usually elect to buy a rollerball, plus it makes it easy for travel.

Around early December I was on vacation in Delaware, and did a little shopping while I was there. Every store was burning the Capri Blue Volcano Candle No. 6.It has notes of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, and lemons and limes. I fell deeply in love with the scent, and made sure I went home with it. Mine is the 8.5oz size but I know I will end up with a bigger jar when mine burns out. The big 20 oz jar can be purchased at Francesca’s for $28.

Recently I realized that I had accumulated quite a bit of Birchbox points. I looked through the site and the Hudson + Bleecker Etoile Avion Cosmetic Case caught my eye. It has a gorgeous silver glitter on the outside, and is black inside. It even comes with a small pouch that detaches (I keep lippies in mine) and is adorable in a purse. It has a zippered pouch inside and a pocket for brushes. I was traveling over the holidays, and made sure to bring it along. Hudson + Bleecker hit it out of the park with this one! The glitter doesn’t come off, and it is SO stylish. I got mine from Birchbox and it sells for $64.

I have been in the market for a new foundation for a while. I had heard great things about the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation and decided to give it a try. I really love the powder formula, and it goes on well on my skin. I have it in light neutral, and I think it is a little too dark for me. When I’m through with this jar I’ll probably switch colors. The Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation brush is a must – even if you don’t buy the foundation. It is so incredibly dense and buffs into the skin nicely. The foundation can be found at Sephora for $36 and the brush is $28.

The last of my favorites was a little bit of a splurge – I got an iPad Mini 2. I really, really loved the 4th generation, but I really needed more storage and there was a GREAT deal on the 2nd gen. I got mine from Best Buy, and I’ve been so impressed with not only their sales but their AMAZING shipping. Everything is free shipping and arrives in 2 days. (I don’t receive anything from Best Buy for saying that, I just really love them after this holiday season.) I had a first generation regular iPad, and it was great, but very clunky. I’m in love with the mini because of its size and portability. I use it constantly. Major love for the mini.

I want to hear what all of you were loving in December!